Waterford City Council Picketed

About twenty members of Waterford CAHWT mounted pickets on City Hall on Monday the 22nd Oct on the occasion of the visit of Junior Min Brian Hayes.

The first to be confronted by our members was the fine gael mayor jim darcy, who was asked to publicly condemn the stated intention of the city manager to take non payers to court in 4- to six weeks time, darcy is in favour of the H/hold and Property tax,and was told he would be held accountable if any non payer appeared in court as he had voted for the H/hold tax, he said he didnt want to see people in court, and duly disappeared into his office.CAHWT then followed about 10 fine gael cllrs

and officials to the peoples park where a sod turning ceremony was to take place with the Minister, all the time chanting with the aid of our dear friend Mega phone. Hayes duly arrived and was heckled and shouted at, local Fine Gael TDs P Coffey and the smoking rebel and home grown neo con John Deasy looked decidely uncomfortable as they were named and shamed if thats possible.The event turned into a fiasco as protestors could not be got out of the photograph, no uniformed Gardai were present. The confused and
frustrated official group returned to city hall accompanied by CAHWT demanding abolition of the H/hold and Property Tax,and no prosecutions.

The following morning a CAHWT spokeman got 20 mins on local radio.

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