The Real Figures for Registration: Majority Still Boycotting

Only 700k people have registered, with over 750k (52%) families boycotting.

Despite all the media propaganda, latest revelations show the government’s ‘figures’ for registration are falling apart.

The government claim there are only 1.62m houses in the country, but the census shows there are 2m houses, 1.8m of which were due to register. They say over 900,000 houses are registered, but it turns over a third of those were registered by landlords etc. registering multiple house.

Based on figures from the 2011 census and verified by Prof. Rob Kitchin at the Department of Geography, NUI Maynooth, 1.45m families were due to register 1.8 million houses. The government claim over 900k houses registered, but in fact over a third of these were registered by landlords etc registering multiple properties. Only 700k people have registered, with over 750k (52%) families boycotting (more info).  Even if this figure slips a little, it’s clear that mass non-registration is a fact.

Here we go through all the figures, detailed by Prof. Rob Kitchin over at Ireland After Nama.

  1. Housing units in state     1,994,845    CSO
  2. Unoccupied/vacant housing units unsold  18,636    Housing Development Survey, DECLG, 2011
  3. Renting social housing   129,033    Census 2011, Table 39.
  4. Renting voluntary housing    14,942    Census 2011, Table 39
  5. Being bought from Local Authorities under shared ownership scheme    23,547    Census 2006. Doesn’t appear to be in Census 2011.
  6. Mortgage interest relief    19,000     Keane Report
  7. Housing units in unfinished estates    34,000     Money Guide Ireland
  8. Number of landlords who registered Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) in 2011    183,551   NAMAwinelake
  9. Number of NPPR registered in 2011 for the NPPR Tax    339,431
  10. Number of housing units for which the HHT was paid on 1st June 2012    915,408    Dail Question Ref No:   27986/12. Clare Daly.
  11. Numbers waivered for HHT on 1st June 2012    17,167    Dail Question Ref No:   27986/12. Clare Daly.
  12. Number of housing units registered to multiple accounts on 1st June 2012    332,900    Dail Question Ref No:   27986/12. Clare Daly.
  13. Number of accounts to which more than one unit was registered on 1st June 2012    106,332    Dail Question Ref No:   27986/12. Clare Daly.

Figures calculated from above

14    Number of housing units liable to register for Household Tax (HHT)    1,808,687    (1-2-3-4-5)
15    Number of housing units liable to pay the Household Tax    1,755,687    (14-6-7)
16    Total number of property owners liable to register     1,469,256    (14-9)
17    Number of housing units actually registered on 1st June 2012    932,575    (10 + 11)
18    Number of housing units not registered on 1st June 2012    876,112   ( 14-17)
19    Number of NPPRs registered assuming the family home was also registered on the same account.    226,568    (12-13).

Key figures

20    Number of property owners registered on 1st June 2012 (Accounts with LGMA) assuming each account also has the Principal Private Residence registered.    706,007    (10 + 11 – 19)
21    Number of property owners who have not registered.    763,249    (16-20)
22    Percentage of property owners not registered    52%

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