Proposed amendments to Property Tax will not dampen anger or sway resistance

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Proposed amendments to Property Tax will not dampen anger or sway resistance
Responding to the publication of the Local Property Tax Amendment Bill Michael O’Brien on behalf of the the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes said:
“These eighteen pages of amendments coming less than two months after the legislation was rammed through the Dáil in December are being painted by the government as significant concessions to people in various kinds of hardship.
“In reality most of the bill is a technical exercise in tidying up the governments indecently rushed effort. The exemptions or reductions (temporary in the case of those in social our housing association homes) or deferrals being proposed for various categories will understandably be greeted with some relief by the people affected but for the vast vast majority of the 1.9 million householders these amendments do not alter the battle one jot. Even for those who are being offered reduced and deferred terms there is still a massive stake in sticking with the campaign.
“As far as the exemption for Pyrite goes the government’s pyrite panel which reported last year only recognised 12,000 homes as containing heave inducing pyrite when in reality the true figure could be five times that amount with symptoms sometimes taking 15 to 20 years to fully emerge.”
John Lyons on behalf of the campaign added:
“The Minister claims he has made small changes to the property tax legislation today so as to reflect the  debate on the matter in the Dail two months ago; he’d be better served completely scrapping the property tax so as to reflect the reality for the hundreds of thousands of people out there struggling to make ends meet who didn’t pay the household charge last year and have no intention of paying the property tax this year.”
“It will soon become clear to the government the folly of their choices: instead of introducing a real wealth tax in last December’s budget, they chose to introduce a tax on the family home. As we move into the spring and the details emerge of exactly how much people will be expected to pay just to live in their homes, this government will be facing a political crisis of monumental proportions. The only change that can save this government is to scrap the property tax completely.”
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