Leaflet advertising November 24th National protest

Here is the latest leaflet from the CAHWT advertising the National Anti-Austerity, Anti-Property Tax protest in Dublin on November 24th (assemble 1pm at the Garden of Remembrance) . It can be downloaded here:

Download the PDF of the leaflet



Six reasons to join the protest:

The Government plan to introduce a property tax in the Budget. This will be much harsher than the household tax, possibly as high as €500 a year for a €200,000 home. Just as the massive boycott of the household tax this year put the government plans in disarray, the property tax can be defeated by an even bigger boycott next year. This march is an opportunity to show your opposition to the property tax and your intention to boycott it.

While the bondholders are paid out a cool €20 billion in 2012, the Budget will step up austerity attacks on working class people – cuts in child benefit, increases in college fees, cuts to free travel for pensioners, cuts in home help services etc. on top of all the cuts we have suffered over the past 4 years of austerity budgets n Austerity policies continue to make the crisis worse. If millions have little or no money to spend and others are scared to spend what they have mass unemployment and mass emigration are only set to increase

We can’t afford their property tax, we can’t afford their austerity and we can’t afford this Government

It’s time to fight back. Anti-austerity strikes and protests have been organised in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Malta this month alone. The trade union leadership have played a disgraceful role but, despite them, we need to organise for a similar anti-austerity general strike in Ireland. November 24 must be the first step towards an escalation of anti-austerity protest here.

Get organised. The campaign of boycott and protest against the property tax next year will be huge. The campaign can be a lightning rod for anti-austerity sentiment across the state. Don’t just march on November 24, get organised and join our Campaign.


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